katie louisa

HELLO INTERNET. My name is Katie (or "Kathryn" if you're my dad, or just some douche who thinks a full name equals feminine professionalism). I am a writer, poet, comedian, and god-shaped (ass)hole from Chicago. Clinically depressed and LOVING IT♥ ♥ ♥!!!! I like all the typical girly stuff including: scathing reality, emptiness, puppy baskets, kitten friends, film, activism, music, stuff, things, Patrick Stump to fill the gaping holes in my heart and make my ovaries glow like the stones in Temple of Doom, and baby egg rolls.

Since adolescence I have struggled to find the meaning in being alive and stake my claim on a purpose. After ten years and countless broken hearts it's clear that the funniest thing about my "purpose" is that I don't have one outside of creating drinking games to Nic Cage movies. This is the self-indulgent art created and/or reblogged to cope with that. It won't always be roses, but it will be OK to laugh. Please enjoy the fruits of my sadness and I hope you enjoy my blog! I have included my resume below this blurb. Please enjoy.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE / ACCOLADES: Book-It pizza party, Brownies patches, 6th grade Honor Roll, 7th grade Honor Roll, 8th grade Honor Roll, those soccer trophies that everybody got even if you sucked at soccer, two 3rd place equestrian ribbons, a couple vagina-pity speech medals, a TV won at my Jr. prom after party, Life (from my mom), and a green stripe in Taekwondo.
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Patrick Stump’s twitter smack-down in full glory.

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